About Us

Hello. Welcome to Fifty Shades Of Fit. 

We are a small team that specialize in printed clothing optimized for movement, especially in hot weather. After enduring hot, sweaty workouts, we saw a need and decided to take some action and design clothing for active people that not only stay on all day and move with you, but also dries up fast when you sweat and keeps you cool in those hot summer days. 

We use the same Comforti™ fabric on all our garments, tops, bottoms, dresses etc. Our fabric does not feel tight on your body, so if you are looking for compression, we are not a good match for you. Our fabric is ultra soft, it feels like you have nothing on, it lets you breathe and makes you feel like you're on a cloud.

P.S. Please be careful when washing your garments in the washing machine, to not add anything with velcro on it or rough material as such, it could destroy the delicate fabric.

We love to hear feedback or make custom designs, so please do contact us with any requests at or through our form on the "contact us" page. 

Thank you for your support. We appreciate each and every one of you.

-Fifty Shades Of Fit Team